Quran classes in UK and USA

    What is Quran pak and why it is necessary to learn?

  Quran pak is the Holy book of Muslims. The word Quran means Recitation and it verses are recited by Muslims through the world. The Quran describes itself a book of Guidance for mankind.

Quran classes in USA and UK

United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) are not Muslim states so it is quite difficult to find Quran teaching for those Muslims who live there. They look for the eligible Quran teacher who really known about Quran pak and able to teach their children basics of Islam then they have no other choice except online Quran classes. Those Muslims interact with Quran teachers of Muslim state and ask their help.

Convenient way to get Quran classes:                         

Online Quran classes are become easiest now days. The Muslims who live in other States except Muslim states do not have the opportunity to learn and teach Quran, so the easy way of learning is through technology.  

Online Quran tuition

To apply for Quran classes by technology it becomes difficult to find best Quran tuition and Quran teachers. Mostly there is some fake website on the internet which misguides the unknown people. Every picture has two sides if there are some fake sites then there are also outclass and best sites which really provide best facilities for Quran classes and their best teachers. Those who provide best Quran tuition have classical Quran teachers who can treat child in the language of student. Those Quran teachers have command over Urdu, English and Arabic and they recites Quran in Arabic accent. Quran tuition helps a lot to learn Quran pak.

Quran teaching:

Quran teaching is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and he ordered to teach Quran pak to others.

The Messenger of Allah said:

  “خیرکم من تعلم القران و علمہ”

“The best amongst you is the one who learn the Qur’an and teaches it”.

Some online Quran tuition provides their best Quran teachers for Quran teaching which seeks other with the light of Islam. Quran teaching is not an easy task. It is such a big responsibility and duty because if Quran teacher misguide their students even by mistake then if students follow all that guidance then all the responsibility and sin come on that Quran teacher who provides Quran teaching.

Importance of Quran teaching:

Quran is not just a book but it is a path which leads to Jannah (paradise). Quran teaching is necessary for everyone but especially for west people because they live in that state where no one knows about Islam and its preaching’s. Quran teacher should have grip on Quran teachings so that they teach their students easily during Quran classes.

Quran classes according to timing of students:

Time of every country is changed according to time zone. If Muslims of UK and USA hire the teacher of Muslims country especially form Pakistan then there is big gap of time. But some institute provide facility to student that whenever they have time they can take class. It will be duty of that Quran teacher to follow that time schedule of students. Online Quran tuition put their all effort for Quran classes even Quran teacher always show will to do every effort for Quran classes just to spread the light of Islam.

Duty of Quran teacher:

Finding a Quran teacher in Western countries is difficult as seldom of them are able to perform different duties.

  • Quran teacher should teach the students how to respect Quran during Quran classes.
  • Quran teacher should develop the habit of pondering over verses of Quran during Quran teaching.
  • Quran teacher should introduce and explain the value and worth of Quran to students.
  • Quran teacher should make student well versed during Quran class.
  • Quran teacher should teach the rule of Quran recitation with tarweed and tart eel.

Online Quran tuition and Quran classes via technology:

Now everything has becomes easier due to Internet. We should thank the technology which helps to learn Quran pak Online by Quran classes from experts Quran teachers. Some online Quran tuitions stress over the recitation of Quran teacher so may able to guide others in a good way without any mistakes.


Quran classes whether face to face or internet help to learn Quran by expert Quran teachers in Online Quran tuition. Quran teacher put their all efforts to teach Quran teaching in Quran classes.

Benefits of Quran tutoring classes at home

Learning Quran online has become trend now and now people from different countries prefer to take online classes for Quran and not only children but adults and elders all are equally getting benefit of online Quran classes. You can also find Quran teacher online at our website, we are providing quality teachers for persons of every country. We are also offering Quran teaching classes in USA and UK. We also have Arabic Quran tutor for our Arabian students.

If you are also thinking to get admission in online Quran teaching classes then you should go for it. In this article, we have added few benefits of online Quran tutoring classes which will also help you to enroll for online Quran classes.

One to one classes:

The first and foremost advantage of online Quran classes is that students are given one to one classes. So one Quranic tutor  is assigned to one student. So those persons who find it difficult to learn with the whole class then online classes are best solution for them.

Individual attention by teachers:

As in these types of classes, one to one learning sessions are being offered so the students get individual attention by their Quran tutors. So the students can ask any of the questions which they have in their mind from their teachers. There are many persons who are shy and they can not ask in public and these things affect their learning process. So these types of classes give benefit to these types of students.

Save your time:

When students will not have to go anywhere and they will just have to switch on their desktop or laptop so it will save their time and they will be able to quickly learn from their classes. Now a days, we are living in busy life where we have hardly time to manage everything in life so everyone wants shortcuts in their life. And in most of the cases Quran education is compromised. So it is best way to learn Quran online by which the one will find maximum time to learn Quran online.

Cut down travelling cost:

The Quran teaching classes also cut down the travelling cost of the person. For example, if your kids are enrolled in Quran institutes or even you are enrolled then you will have to travel there to reach at that place. So if you are enrolled in online Quran classes then it will cut down your traveling cost. You just have to switch on your laptop and you must have internet connection so that you can get Quran classes.

Classes for everyone:

Online Quran classes provide you opportunity that the persons of any age group and any gender can learn Quran. It is a trend that we teach Quran to children but when they become adults then they start forgetting Quran and in most of the cases they need teachers who may teach them again. But some of the adults feel it insult to ask for teacher and they forget Quran that they have learnt in their childhood. So online Quran classes also give opportunity to these students. Because the persons of any age and any gender can get Quran classes.

Secure environment for females:

These Quran classes provide safe and secure environment to females. Because you will have to create account on Skype and there you will get your online Quran classes and it is the safest way to learn Quran. And for females, women Quran teachers are also available. So there is no need to worry about Quran education.



Tutor Quran is an online Quran academy which is providing several courses of Holy Quran at ease of your home. We are providing complete solution of your Quranic education by having both male and female Quran teachers in economical fee. Teachers are being selected after trials and after seeing proofs of their degrees and proofs of their Hafiz/Hafiza. So we are providing quality service to you. Being a Muslim, we understand the importance of Quranic Education. We understand this fact that how much it is important to learn Quran when now a days there is no proper guidance and people believe on superstitions just due to lack of guidance. We must have proper knowledge of Quranic education to be a true practicing Muslim and our platform is providing same services for our students. You just have to enroll with us and then get ready to learn from our teachers who are well experienced and have command on their subjects.


We are teaching Quran online via skype and WhatsApp. You just have to make your skype id and then our representative will contact with you and he/she will give you details of your course. Then your Quran teacher will be assigned to you according to your requirements. Even you can contact with us via WhatsApp and your online classes can be taken on Whatsapp. You will not have to worry about your privacy of your whatsapp number. You are totally secure by enrolling with our academy and your whatsapp number will be in safe hands. We are offering multiple courses online so you have to select course. Free trial classes will be provided to you and upon your satisfaction enrolment of your course will be done. So now isn’t it easier to learn Quran by just sitting at your home? We have made it a way easier for females by having female Quran teachers. So female students will be safe and secure by enrolling in our Quran academy.


To recite Holy Quran with its proper pronunciation is even more important. Tajweed has some rules and without following Tajweed rules true meaning of Quranic words can be changed. So it is necessary to learn Holy Quran with proper Tajweed. Arabic is not our native language. Just like we have to learn English to compete in exams and in our practical life similarly there is need of learning Arabic language to understand the meaning of Quran. And there is always need to take help from any teacher to learn Holy Quran. We don’t only offer Tajweed courses but we also offer courses related to Islamic Education. We also teach proper way of offering prayer and Urdu Translation of Holy Quran. We are providing these services to all age groups. You don’t have to worry about anything if you are facing any problem. Our customer care service is available for 24 hours so you can contact with us at any time if you are facing any problem.

Eid ul Azha or Eide Qurban

Eid ul Azha or Eide Qurban is the most prestigious festival of Muslims. It is celebrated on 10 th of Zil Haj every year around the globe in the remembrance of Holy Act of our prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) when He was ready to forfeit their son Hazrat Ismail (A.S) for the happiness of Allah. Similarly, Muslims give sacrifice of their animals by following the footsteps of Hazrat Inrahi9m (A.S). its meat is divided into 3 parts- one for the poor families, one for the relatives and one for the family. In this holy month, Muslims from around the globe move towards Saudi Arabia to perform HAJJ and those Muslims who can not go there give sacrifice of their animals and celebrate Eid with their loved ones. The slaughtering of animals is done after offering Eid prayers. Muslims offer these Eid prayers in JAMIA MASAJIDS and then animals are slaughtered with TAKBEER. Muslims eat sweet dishes before going to MASAJIDS than regular breakfasts as it is SUNNAH to eat something sweet on Eid before offering prayer. Children and elders celebrate
Eid equally. Family gatherings, bbq parties are traditional way of celebrating eid. But there is hidden meaning of this Eid which e should understand and follow its teachings not only for the day of Eid but for whole life. The purpose of this Eid is not only to sacrifice animals but to share its happiness and other poor people too. Its purpose is to celebrate happiness with relatives to sacrifice our anger, to sacrifice the difference of rich and poor. Meat is given to poor families to eradicate the difference of rich and poor by giving a small part of food to poor families. It depicts that we as Muslim UMMAH are equally involved in their celebrations. We are happy when they are happy and we are sad when they face any difficulty and in their tough times. No one becomes poor by just giving a small portion of their food but it gives happiness to many poor families. And this is the actual meaning of QURBAANI– to sacrifice our egos, our anger just
for the sake of ALLAH. It does not mean that it is necessary to sacrifice expensive animals only just to show off others. Allah just needs our trues intentions that how much we are willing to sacrifice our egos for the sake of Allah and to act upon the sayings of Islam. As it is clearly mentioned in Quran Pak.

“ Their meat will not reach Allah, nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is the piety from you”

Sacrifice of animals can be done from 10 th of ZilHaj to 13 th of ZilHaj. It is still unclear about the total days of Eid ul Azha. Some people say there are 3 days in Eid ul Azha and some says there are 4 days in Eid ul Azha.

Well, either its 3 or 4 days celebrate your eid fully with your loved ones because this time will never come again.

Eid Mubarik to you all!!!!!