Learn Quran with Tajaweed Quran has the holy words of Allah, which He has revealed to the mankind to lead an organized life.Quran is the complete code of life on which every Muslim must have complete faith.
It guides the believers about all aspects of life and hereafter. Every Muslim has to recite Quran once in lifetime and few verses in every prayer five times a day. Every Muslim has to listen, read and understand the Quran correctly. Quran has to be recited with Tajaweed. The literal meaning of Tajaweed is to Beautify or doing something well. Quran has been revealed to Muslims with rules of Tajaweed, our beloved Prophet
(pbuh) has shown the permissible ways of reciting Quran with Tajaweed and that we have to follow. Learn Quran with tajweed It is mandatory upon every Muslim to learn the rules of Tajaweed because if Quran is not recited with
correct Tajaweed the meaning of the holy book may get changed. We must be very careful with it and recite it with the best of our abilities.