Tutor Quran has a range of customer servises for its customers to assist them in every way possible. It our sole duty to make sure our customers do not have any query unanswered in their minds.
Our Customers are of great value to us. Our aim is to make them feel good about us. And to tell them that we are here and that we care. We want to stay updated with whatever that you ask us and also wish to fulfill all your needs and demands.
We remain vigilant 24 hrs a day. We actively respond to all the questions that you ask us. There are a variety of ways through which you can contact us.
Moreover, our services include considering your feedback as well. We give a high value to your feedback. You can even mention anything that you want us to improve.
How To Reach Us Out
You should expect quick answers from us as we are here to answer your inquiries and complaints.
You can contact us or remain on contact with us by the help of the following ways
We have the right customer skills that will help you in your time with us. We have a vigilant staff that manages customers needs. We do not have any software dealing in this area. It is thus, our capable and vigilant staff that will be at your disposal.
Our staff is empathetic, patient and consistent. We know how to deal with a variety of people. Some are chatty, some are curious, we are here to assist all of you.
Clear Communication
We convey all the messages clearly. We do not give you vague responses that will end up making you feel more curious in the end.
Work Ethics
We have work ethics. We have good management skills and not spend too much time handling one customer. We have the capability of dealing with many customers at one time.
We know what we are doing! We have the knowledge and skills of the work that we are doing. Ultimately our customers rely on our knowledge and we are well aware of that. This is why we make sure we be precise and do not give you extra details that might confuse us.
You can contact us be several means, as mentioned above. All the information mentioned is highlight accurate. You can contact us whenever you want. In case your call is missed by us, we will have its notification. In this way, we will call you right after we have seen your call or text.
You will appreciate our honesty.