Helping Muslim Kids study their religion at home by our Online Quran Academy

Helping Muslim Kids study their religion at home by our Online Quran Academy

Our online Quran Academy is the source for you and your family. It is the source which will help you in several ways. There are several courses provided by our Online Quran Academy. In our Online Quran Academy, we will make sure that you and your child are able to gain maximum benefits and study the Holy Quran at home.

In Our Online Quran Academy, we are providing helpful guides to parents on how they should work and interact with their kids, in order to make sure that their kids are learning the Holy Quran. It is the fundamental duty of all the Muslim parents to make their children recite the Holy Quran and also study them. It is ideal for all the kids to start studying at an early age when they are young, so that they are able to adapt all the Islamic teachings when they grow older.

The messenger of Allah said,  “The most righteous from the women of Quraysh are those who are most affectionate (“ahnaah”) to the child during its youth and who are most protective concerning their husband’s property.” 

It is important to teach the kids about Islam. It is also the significant task of all the Muslim children to show great interest in their beautiful religion, Islam. However, the duty lies more on the parents as they will be answerable in the day of Judgment whether they have taught their kids about Islam or not.

Do Not Force Your Child in to Learning Anything

It is advisable to all the Muslim parents to never force their child in to reading the Holy Quran. If the children are forced to do something, they might revolt against it and oppose the task of reciting the Holy Quran. Parents should be gentle and kind with their children so that they are able to understand what their parents are telling them. Instead of telling the kids what to do, parents should tell them the reason why they need to do that respective thing.

This will hopefully, help parents and their kids work together and learn the Holy Quran, producing good results.

Be Patient with Your Kids

This is a very important key feature while teaching the children about Islam or any other manner. Being patient, is the task all the parents must adopt and firmly oblige to. Working with kids is a tricky task, which is why one must not expect quick results. Parents are required to go easy. They need to go slow, to go faster. Parents are required to give their children time and love to be able to learn something.

Muslim Parents are also required to read the Holy Quran to their kids. The Holy Quran is the complete code of life and all the guidance is provided in this Holy Book. The Holy Quran is the book which has all the teachings that Muslim children are required to know. The Holy Quran is in Arabic which is in a languge that is not our native language. In this way, parents need to translate the Holy Quran to their children. By translating the Holy Quran children will be able to understand it even better.