How to hire a

In our Online Quran Academy we have a capable staff which is available for you. Our staff is well trained and experience din the subject that they teach. This reflects how you should start working with us as our staff has the most right knowledge concerning the Islamic teachings.
Capabilities of our teachers
We know that your time is precious. We also know that you aim to learn a lot in the little time that you have. In this way, our teachers make sure that they are never late for any class or meeting. Moreover, it is also made sure that the important things are taught in a very convenient manner. We are never late for a class however, an understanding approach is approved towards the students concerning the timing of the online class. If something shows up the candidates should feel free to let us know and we will guide you.

Quran Courses Available Online

Quran With Tajweed Course
Quran Memorization Course
Quran with English Translation
Skype Quran Teacher Online?
Online Quran Academy is for people who are unable to find good tutors for themselves or for their children. Moreover, sometimes your routine is so tough that you prefer staying at home to learn and recite the Holy Quran.
Skype Quran Teacher Online?
Our Online Quran Classes provide a one to one interactive session between the students and the children. All you need is a good internet and a computer or any other device and you are good to go.Our Quran Teacher Online provide several courses. These courses are covering maximum areas.